Cornwall Hospitality Ltd.


Access to Resources course

This course will show you the resources (some of them free) that are available and how they can be accessed; this could be newsletters, websites, trade associations and suppliers. Food safety alerts, insurance issues and health and safety are covered in this course.


My consultancy service is chef-led rather than accountancy-led, looking at the different aspects of hospitality and catering from a practical point of view, not a financial point of view. Areas covered include recruitment solutions, how to undertake kitchen audits, purchasing reviews, food service training and food safety management systems.

Business Assistance

Running a hospitality business is not easy. One of the biggest problems you face is time. Let me assist you with purchasing reviews, kitchen audits, updating food safety management systems, recruitment and any business issues you need researching or assistance with.

Food Safety Training

Online courses are available in many areas of Hospitality and Catering such as food safety, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), allergens, health and safety, business skills including GDPR (data protection), equality and diversity, and health and safety including Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSSH), fire safety, Covid and other business courses.

Some level 2 food safety courses include a section on acrylamide. This is a very important discovery as acrylamide has been linked to causing cancer.