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Roasting your own coffee beans

  • 29, January 2024
  • / By admin

Roasting small batches of coffee can be a rewarding and personalised way to enjoy freshly roasted beans. Here's a basic guide to help you roast small batches at home using a simple method like a dedicated coffee roaster: Equipment Needed: Coffee Beans: Choose high-quality, green coffee beans. Roaster:…

Madeira Wine

  • 23, January 2024
  • / By admin

Madeira wine is a fortified wine produced on the Portuguese island of Madeira, located in the Atlantic Ocean. Renowned for its unique production process and distinct flavour profile, Madeira wine has a rich history dating back several centuries. Production Process One of the distinctive features of Madeira wine…

Premier Grand Cru Wines

  • 19, January 2024
  • / By admin

Premier Grand Cru wines, often referred to as "first growth" or "first classified growth" wines, represent the pinnacle of quality and prestige in the world of fine wine. These wines hail predominantly from Bordeaux, France, and are classified based on the quality and historical reputation of the vineyards…

Port Wine

  • 20, October 2021
  • / By admin

After settling into our hotel in Porto my wife and I started looking around  for places to visit and came across Taylors Port Lodge in the neighbouring city of Villa Nova De Gaia. Setting out the next morning we walked across the iron bridge spanning the River Duoro…